Lighting Design Trends for 2021

indoor lighting trends

The sun is setting over Central Florida. The sky is awash in vibrant pinks, yellows and purples, palm tree shadows become long, and soon, dusk settles in. You move from the porch to the cool, dark, calm of your spacious living room. Making your way to the most comfortable reading chair in your favorite corner, you switch on a beautiful sculptural lamp. Suddenly, your living room is transformed. Dark and cool gives way to warm and welcoming, paintings spring to life, textures of rugs and furniture become softer-looking, more inviting. You breathe a sigh of contentment and settle in for a long, lovely evening of reading… That’s the power of light.

Lighting in a home serves a much greater purpose than simply helping you see better. Lights can illuminate and accentuate the very best features of your home, or become artwork themselves. Here, we take a look at five of the most beautiful lighting trends of 2021. Can you imagine them in your own home?

  1. Design a Room Around Light

There’s no rule that says light selection should come after your room is designed. If you own or have your eye on a particularly stunning chandelier, it’s perfectly fine to design your entire space around that one fixture. Consider the materials, size, and type of light the chandelier gives off, place it in your space, then add furniture and accessories that complement it. You’ll guarantee that your space will be one-of-a-kind and that you’ll love stepping into it each and every day.

  1. Illuminate Wall Art

Whether you’ve collected it travelling the world or from the local market in town, beautiful wall art is meant to be showcased. Create a gallery-worthy effect using unique uplighting such as wall sconces or a few strategically placed lamps. You’ll love gazing at your art just as much as when it first caught your eye.

  1. Make a Statement

Speaking of art, your lighting should reflect your style and personality just as much as a painting. Make a statement by finding structural lamps made with interesting materials, vivid colors, or bold patterns. Let your lighting be a conversation-starter!

  1. Dress Up Your Bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom? Why not? Turn your sleeping space into the stuff dreams are made of with lavish lighting fit for royalty. While a fan may be the most practical option to keep cool during warm Florida nights, beautiful lighting in your dressing area or even the owner’s bath will make waking up a luxurious experience. 

  1. Balance the Room with Brass

Brass fixtures of all kinds are gaining popularity for their warm tones and elegant finishes. Lighting accentuated with brass pairs beautifully with natural materials used in furniture and accessories, like marble and wood. Brass light fixtures create a timeless look when paired with modern design elements, and are the perfect choice to bring personal style and elegance into your home.

Lighting is often the final touch to bring a room together, but it can also lead your design style and become, quite literally, the highlight of your home. We’d love to show you how our new homes at Green Key Village can be customized with your lighting preferences in mind, to create a home that’s equally stunning in natural or ambient light. For more information about our single-level homes in Lady Lake, please contact us at 352-314-0126.