Nov 24 2021

Choose to Build New or Buy a Quick Delivery Home

The new year is almost here! As you look ahead to all of the exciting things coming your way in 2022, you may be ready for the next wonderful phase of life in a brand new home in Central Florida. After all, a new home means more possibilities — more space to personalize, more modern … Continued

Nov 24 2021

The Benefits of Natural Light — Indoors and Out

We know that natural light and the outdoors are great for overall health, but did you know that the benefits are specific and measurable? Vitamin D that your body makes from natural sunlight is crucial to maintain bone density, fight depression, improve sleeping habits, and keep a number of inflammatory diseases at bay. And the … Continued

Nov 24 2021

7 Tips to Organize Your Laundry Room

It’s been estimated that Americans spend up to 17 minutes a day on laundry. While that may not seem like that long of a time to spend in your laundry room, over time, it does add up — to 8 hours a month! While the laundry room is perhaps the most utilitarian space in the … Continued

Oct 26 2021

6 Tips to Prepare For Your Design Appointment

Close your eyes and envision your perfect home — now open them and let’s make it happen! When you build a new home in Green Key Village, you’ll be able to choose from numerous samples of luxury vinyl plank flooring, kitchen and bath tiles, lighting choices, quartz countertops, kitchen and bath cabinets, and more! Ready … Continued

Oct 23 2021

5 Must-Visit Cities on Florida’s East Coast

Part of the allure of living in Central Florida is that you can enjoy some of the state’s most beautiful scenery every day, but when you want to change it up, getting to an equally beautiful, but different town is always quick and easy. The east coast of Florida always makes for a great weekend … Continued
new home backsplash brick

Oct 19 2021

6 Trends in Kitchen Backsplash Design

While the kitchen backsplash serves quite the utilitarian function — to prevent your walls from getting soiled or damaged from cooking — it provides a wonderful opportunity to add a layer of style and interest to your home. The footprint for most backsplashes is small — the wall area from the countertop to the bottom … Continued