Learn More About the Green Key Village Home Warranty

When purchasing a Green Key Village home, you get a lot more than just a sustainably built, energy-efficient property. The convenient location and host of amenities are certainly great perks, but what we’re referring to is our home warranty, provided by Mainsail Solutions. Comprehensive Coverage with a Three-Tiered Limited Warranty At Green Key Village, we … Continued

Get to Know Our Lady Lake, FL Home Builder

Green Key Village is known for its beautiful, sustainable homes. But who’s responsible for building them? Meet Greg and Kim Thomas of Mainsail Solutions, Inc., a local couple dedicated to providing quality construction in Lady Lake, FL and the surrounding area. The Story of Mainsail Solutions Greg Thomas got started in the contracting business at … Continued

How to Get the Most from Your Net Zero Energy Home

If you’ve recently purchased or are thinking about buying a Green Key Village net zero energy home, then you clearly care about lowering your energy bill, as well as your impact on the environment. But purchasing a net zero home in Lady Lake, FL is only the first step to “going green.” There are many … Continued