The Luxury of Your Green Key Village Bathroom

The new year’s still months away, but we’re making an early resolution for you: treat yourself to a spa day, every day. We know what you’re thinking—what about the price tag? Believe it or not, you can achieve spa-like relaxation at no cost. That’s right… just step into your master bathroom in your new home … Continued
Family-Friendly Books

Family-Friendly Books For Fall

Is it just us, or does the coziness of fall make curling up with a good book even more enjoyable? Best of all, sharing the magic of an exciting story or touching tale brings your family together like never before. Whether age 15 or age 50, written words have the power to connect us on … Continued

Timely and Lasting Features in Your Green Key Village Home

At Green Key Village, we believe that life should be as breezy as a summer beach day — all year-round. That’s why we build our tropical-inspired, net-zero homes with timely and lasting features that encourage you to enjoy the beauty of everyday life without any barriers.  As you settle into your new home, you can … Continued

Wine Recommendations For Your Next Dinner Party

You know the feeling: you open up a delicious bottle of wine before your guests arrive and the flavorful aroma enchants you… You envision a glorious night ahead, filled with friends, food, and laughter, and you can’t wait to share the magic of your drink of choice. We may be biased, but we’re firm believers … Continued

Fall in Love: Autumn Events Around Lady Lake 2019

With family-friendly festivals, foodie events, and more, there’s something waiting for you outside of your new home in Central Florida at Green Key Village. Learn more!
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Homeowner Lingo 101: Common Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

Before you purchased your first home, you probably studied up on common terms like mortgage principal and annual percentage rate. But now that you’re a wiser version of your younger self, ready to buy your second, third, or fourth home, it’s time for another kind of vocabulary lesson… With fall approaching, get into the “back-to-school … Continued