5 Myths About Solar Panels

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At Green Key Village, we believe that simple living is all about sunshine, savings, and safety for our families and our planet. That’s why all of our beautiful homes in sunny Lady Lake, Florida are solar-powered, providing you with your lowest energy bills ever and contributing to the healthiest conditions for the earth.

Investing in a net-zero home is a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly choice that not only protects the environment, but guarantees that your home is as comfortable as possible. Keep your carbon footprint small and your energy bills even smaller … the grass really is greener in Green Key Village!

You may have heard some rumors or myths about solar panels, so we’re here to debunk them! Here’s why solar panels are an excellent choice for you and your family:

Myth #1: Solar panels are too expensive.

Although you’ll pay about 10% more up front for your net-zero home than you would for a home without solar installation, there are two ways that this cost is recouped. First, you’ll receive a one-time tax credit on your Federal tax return, equalling 30% of the cost of the solar array. This credit comes out to a cash savings of $5,000 to $8,000 per home.

Second, your large monthly savings on energy bills will offset the initial cost of the solar installation. Although energy prices waver, they typically climb each year, and your solar-powered home ensures that your bills continue to remain as low as possible.


Myth #2: Solar panels are not efficient enough.

Did you know that we’ve been using the same, well-established solar technology since the 1960’s? Although there’s potential for improvements in efficiency, the system that we have in place now is proven and successful — therefore, you’ll miss out on big energy savings if you wait to install!

Myth #3: Solar panels are difficult to maintain.

Good news: our solar energy electric couldn’t be easier to maintain. In fact, this system has no moving parts and is essentially maintenance-free. One thing that we recommend you do to keep your system in top-notch shape is to clean the PV panels’ surface once or twice a year with water and a soft brush.

Myth #4: Solar panels w

ill damage my roof.

The professionals that install your solar panels ensure that your roof will not be damaged in any way. These panels don’t sit directly on the roof, either; they’re placed about a couple inches above the roof, which helps to not only increase airflow, but actually protects the roof from the elements.

Myth #5: I won’t be able to track how well my panels are working.

Green Key Solar Panels

Your low to zero electric bills are an indicator that your solar panels are doing incredible work! You also always have the option to check your system’s performance on your personal web-based monitoring service. This service offers performance and production data in real-time, which you can access right from your computer. Not to mention, this lifetime subscription comes at no additional cost to you.

At Green Key Village, your comfort is our priority, and healthy, green living is our promise. In one of our solar-powered, tropical-inspired homes, you’ll live the life of luxury and leisure that you’ve always dreamed of, all while helping to protect the environment. Your wallet (and our planet) will thank you!

For more information on our solar-powered homes, please visit our page, or give us a call at 352-314-0126. We can’t wait to help you find your dream home!

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