5 Ways To Decorate Your Home For Fall | Green Key Village

Life in leisurely Lady Lake is all about the warm breeze, palm trees, and iced tea — but that doesn’t mean that fall doesn’t make its way to Green Key Village… This season, as the temperatures drop (just a tiny bit), feel the festive fall spirit and decorate your home!


Filling your backyard with fall-themed decor is a great way to get creative and welcome a new season. Unleash your inner designer and get ready for the fun that comes with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the holidays beyond! Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to accessorize for autumn:


Pumpkin Vase

green key village fall decor

The ultimate piece of fall flair, pumpkins serve as the most stylish vases for your front step. Carve out a pumpkin or gourd (white ones look great, too!) and place containers of your favorite fall flowers inside, whether warm-colored mums, pansies, or more.


Fruit Bowl

green Key Village Fall Decor

Adding a seasonal touch to your relaxing porch just makes it that much cozier! Incorporate the sweetness of fall into your favorite space with warm-colored fruits like apples and pears. Find a beautiful bowl — copper is always fall-approved — and fill it with fall’s natural gems.


Door Wreath

wreath fall decor green key village

Although Lady Lake leaves won’t stray from their vibrant green color, you can still adorn your door with an autumn accessory. Gorgeous wreaths make your Green Key home even warmer and welcoming than before! Coming in all sizes, colors, and varieties, a wreath provides a homey touch.


Barrel Planters

sunflowers green key village fall decor

Fall flowers and textures create a lovely vibe in your Green Key yard that you’ll look forward to all year. Barrel planters give off a rustic aesthetic that pairs perfectly with yellow, orange, and red flowers. Try several planters of different sizes, and get creative with your flower arrangement!


Door Mat

green key village fall decor

There’s no better time than fall to place a fun and festive mat at your door. Whether you go for a spooky-themed piece for trick-or-tricking (what better place than Green Key Village for children?), or a timeless autumn design, your family and friends will love walking up to your door as they visit this fall.


Even without a change in weather or scenery, celebrating the new season is still a blast. Open and welcoming, your Green Key Village outdoor space is perfect for festive fall flair! From flowers, to warm colors, to autumn textures, redecorating your space to match the season brings even more comfort to your Green Key Village home. Happy decorating, and happy fall!

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