Featured Homeowner: Meet JoAnne!

Featured Homeowner

Tucked away into the peaceful countryside, where the pace is slower, the air is fresher, and the sun shines just a little bit brighter, Green Key Village is where people like you enjoy the most beautiful things in life. From quiet mornings on your front porch to evening get-togethers with neighbors, your days here are spent exercising your individual freedom and doing everything you love. Because that’s exactly how it should be.

Just ask JoAnne Roeder, one of our happy Green Key Village homeowners who loves the independence she now has in a solar-powered home specifically designed to suit her needs. We sat down with JoAnne to ask more about why she chose Green Key Village and what she loves about her new home. If you’re looking ahead to a brand new lifestyle in 2020, get inspired by the magic that JoAnne found right here in Lady Lake!

Where did you grow up? Tell us about your family! 

I grew up in rural Michigan in a town called Johannesburg, MI. My family traveled quite a bit. We mostly traveled and moved around Michigan. I came back to Johannesburg and graduated from Johannesburg High, and then continued my education at Central Michigan University. After college, I was a teacher for thirty years. 

How do you spend your free time? What do you do to relax?

My daughter and I want to get to know the local area a bit more so we’ve been driving around to local restaurants and beaches. We also travel around different towns in Florida. We’ve been to Florida springs, Disney World, and Hollywood Studios. I also enjoy reading in my spare time.

What’s your Green Key Village story? Tell us about what brought you here, what made you fall in love, and anything special about your experience. 

I love solar energy; it’s a big reason why I chose Green Key Village. I was also living in a home that was too big and had too much upkeep. One day I stumbled across Green Key and thought it was a great area. I loved the looks of the homes and found out they were able to customize my home so that my daughter could come and live with me!

Why did you decide to build a new home versus buy a used home?

I was able to have this home built so my daughter could live with me. The developer was willing to do any layout for us. It’s also like living in the country with the amount of privacy we have which is great. 

Why did you decide to build your new home with Green Key Village? How was your experience throughout the construction process?

Everyone was very accommodating. Even after our home was finished, our developer still stops by to say “Hi” now and then. The Green Key staff also attends our community social meetings and tries to be as helpful as they can be.

Which floor plan do you live in? What do you love most about it?

We chose the Duval plan with 2 master suites for my daughter and I — it had the space we needed and the footprint of the home was easy to develop with a private entrance for my daughter.

What amenities and clubs do you enjoy in the community? How is your daily lifestyle different now? What is it like meeting new friends here?

Everyone’s so friendly here. I’m working hard on the community’s social committee — we develop events once a month but anyone can come and go if they please. We have events like holiday dinners, firepit gatherings, and we even have a pickleball team. We also have a dog park that everyone enjoys. Everyone is laid back here and we respect each other’s privacy, and there’s no push for people to participate in things if they don’t want to. 

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? In your new community? 

I’m looking forward to the building process going on in the community. We’re lucky because we have great views of the woods. I’m also looking forward to exploring the area more and getting to enjoy the community pool.

Would you recommend Green Key Village to friends and family? What would you tell them?

Yes, if you like privacy and socialness, it’s perfect for you. We have quietness but we’re also so close to everything. The community continues to grow, we’re about an hour from Orlando, and we have beaches on either side. I would definitely recommend the Cottages to people as well. It’s a perfect size, there’s no upkeep, there’s enough room for guests, and it’s unique with pastel coloring.

All of us at Green Key Village want to say how happy we are to have you, JoAnne! It’s the wonderful people like you that make this community such a special place to live. For more information about our new homes throughout Lady Lake, please give us a call at 352-314-0126.