Green Key Village Home Takes Highest Honors in FGBC Annual Green Building Awards

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TALLAHASSEE, FL – Green Key Village was recently awarded a Platinum designation among 2,393 entries for its home in Lady Lake, FL.

When the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) recently announced winners of its annual Florida Green Achievement Awards, Green Key Village’s name was called for highest honors.

The Award represents achievements in a number of categories relating to sustainable construction and operations excellence, some of which include energy efficiency, water conservation, and durability, among others.

During the building process of the home, which is located at 1107 Sugarloaf Key Loop, Green Key Village took steps to reduce their footprint by minimizing landfill waste.

Some of the other eco-friendly measures taken by Green Key Village included open-cell spray foam insulation on the roof deck and exterior walls of the home, solar panel installation, a compact hot water distribution system, and Energy Star appliances, doors, and windows.

Using non-toxic paints, healthy flooring materials, and mechanical ventilation systems were other methods used by Green Key to minimize their environmental impact.

The winning home, which is considered green-certified by the FGBC, offers numerous advantages for homebuyers seeking to save some cash.

FGBC green-certified homes complete a technically-rigorous building assessment and construction process to promote positive construction practices that reduce negative environmental impacts while reducing costs for the homeowner.

In fact, according to the FGBC, green-certified homes may have substantially lower utility bills. They also may qualify for advantageous financing, lower insurance rates and government incentives.

“As an FGBC-certified home, 1107 Sugarloaf Key Loop serves as a model of sustainability for Lake County residents,” said Suzanne Cook, Executive Director for the FGBC.

“The home sets the example of how our individual choices impact the ecological balance of our community, while also providing a healthier home for our families.”

While the home received its highest honor in the Residential category, it was also recognized in other brackets.

In the Water category, the home achieved maximum possible point total by installing low-flow plumbing appliances, connecting a water-saving washing machine, and using reclaimed water for irrigation.

Other measures included using drought-tolerant turf and landscape plants, applying mulch in landscape beds to retain moisture, and installing innovative irrigation technology.

These efforts earned the winning home a Florida Water Star certification in addition to its other honors.

Through its commitment to green homebuilding, Green Key Village is keeping the homeownership experience eco-friendly, optimal, and affordable.