Healthy Home? Happy Homeowner

Through active and sustainable efforts to improve air quality and limit emissions, we’re keeping our homes ahead of the curve at Green Key Village.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword.

While many neighborhoods begin to make a conscious effort to keep in step with the latest in eco-friendly home features, we’re ahead of the curve.

Our homes already feature the best in sustainable home technology (such as solar panel roofs), and our focus on offering healthy, sustainable homes has never wavered.

Check out a few of the ways we’re keeping Green Key homeowners happy through healthy home living.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Each Green Key home comes equipped with a built-in ERV system that offers a better way to enjoy natural ventilation in your home.

Central Florida’s climate is certainly one to be desired year-round, but the summer months can be hot and stuffy. Opening a window isn’t always an option to get fresh air flowing through the home–especially for homeowners allergic to pollen or other seasonal allergens.

With ERV technology installed in every Green Key home, your indoor air is constantly kept fresh without inviting undesired humidity and harmful dander.

Not only are ERVs built for Florida’s warm, humid climate, but they also freshen your air without producing unhealthy ozone in the home.

The best part? Our in-home ERVs circulate fresh air in your home without wasting any energy. How’s that for going green?

Sherwin Williams Non-Toxic Paints

Green Key Homes are finished with the best non-toxic and no-VOC paints in the business.

To maintain low solvent levels and high-quality finishes, our eco-friendly Sherwin Williams paints are made from sustainable, raw materials such as sunflower oil and soy. This helps rid Sherwin Williams paints of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which emit harmful chemicals and contribute to in-home air pollution.

With non-toxic paints, you can truly call your home interior eco-friendly and well-finished.

Green Label Carpets & Adhesives

To limit toxins and promote the health of homeowners, all Green Key homes are lined with Green Label-certified carpets and adhesives.

Cushions, adhesives and carpet materials naturally emit small amounts of chemicals into your home’s atmosphere, but Green Key homes ensure that those emissions are either limited or completely eliminated.

Through diligence and Green Label checking, Greek Key homes use the lowest emitting adhesives and carpets on the market.

Green Key homeowners can rest easy knowing that they’re able to live in an eco-friendly, sustainable and safe home that supports their environment as much as it supports their families.

At Green Key, we make every effort to constantly pursue the newest and most effective eco-friendly technology to provide the best living experience for our homeowners.

Check out some of the unique, eco-friendly measures we’re taking to keep our island-inspired homes happy, healthy and sustainable.