How Green Key Village Utilizes Solar Power

At Green Key Village, we are committed to giving our customers the Lady Lake, FL solar powered homes that they have always wanted. We have been able to accomplish this by partnering with the renowned, MIT-based energy systems and construction firm, Ekotrope, Inc. By partnering with this company, we have been able to use their home design software to create sustainable, green homes with net zero components. When you become a homeowner in Green Key Village, you will enjoy comfortable living at a price that won’t break your budget.

How Solar Power Protects the Environment While Saving Money & Energy

The question we get all of the time is, “How do solar electric systems work?” There are two parts to a solar electric system: the photovoltaic (PV) panels and the inverter. The PV panels generate direct current electricity while the inverters change the direct current power into alternating current power. This power flows into the home which is connected to the local utility grid, offering power backup and energy storage capabilities.

On a sunny day, solar panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. Any extra electricity that is not used is fed into the utility grid, which gives you credit. When nighttime rolls around, or on a rainy day, you use electricity from the utility grid from the credit you obtained during the day.

Our solar powered homes average zero annual energy bills, which means, except for the service charge, you won’t owe a balance on your monthly electric bill! In certain cases, such as improper thermostat use and abnormal weather, your bill may average more than $0.

Interested in learning more about how living in one of our sustainable homes can eliminate your monthly electric bill? Contact Green Key Village today!