Live Green, Live Well in Green Key Village

There’s something about the cool breeze in the palm trees and colors of the Florida evening sky that always remind us how beautiful our environment is. At Green Key Village, one of our biggest priorities is creating high-quality homes that not only enhance the lives of homeowners, but respect and protect the environment that we love so much.

In a Business View article posted on August 3rd, Green Key Village was mentioned as one of several Florida Green Building Coalition homebuilders that’s making a change within the community and offering homeowners the chance to live a healthy, smart, and green lifestyle.

The article talks about the importance of “New Urbanism” and states: “Pioneering developers and builders involved in Florida’s sustainable communities have stepped up, creating new green neighborhoods, villages, and towns, promising a lifestyle that will literally not cost the earth.”

Our team couldn’t be more proud to create living spaces where families always feel at home while showing their love for the natural beauty all around. Being kind to the earth means being kind to each other, and at Green Key Village, we practice this principal day in and day out.

If you’re looking to buy a stunning, sustainable home in gorgeous Lady Lake, Green Key Village is the place to be. All of our comfortable, tropical-inspired homes are solar-powered and produce as much energy as they consume, so you’ll always have little to no monthly energy bills.

The simple things in life are oftentimes the most memorable, and we want every day you spend in your spacious and cozy Green Key Village home to be one to remember. By living in a home that’s environmentally-conscious, you get to preserve the wonderful things that you love the most — for your children’s children and the generations after that.

For more information on our Green Key Village homes, give us a call at 352-314-0126 We can’t wait to help you find your dream home!