New vs. Resale: 6 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home

When home buyers consider their vision for their perfect home, they likely conjure up a few common dreams: creative freedom to design the home’s interior, long-term savings with bills, and even that “new home feel” that only brand new homes can offer.

But these types of benefits are only offered by one type of home–brand new homes, or ones that have not been previously occupied.

Like any large purchase, there are pros and cons to consider during the home search process. But when deciding between a brand new home and one that has been lived in before, here are six significant reasons why the former option is the better one.

Purchase Process Made Simple

At Green Key Village, we simplify the home buying process. Buyers have the freedom to hand-select a favorite floor plan and home site with customizations inside and out to fit their lifestyle.

A small commitment will get your band new home underway while our professional sales team works with your finance company so buyers will be ready to move in within 5 to 6 months!

Save Green

With a laser focus on energy efficient homes and eco-friendly living, newly-built Green Key homes have plenty to boast about. From our solar panel arrays to the spray-foam insulation, and double pane low E3 windows, Green Key Village offers home buyers brand new features for big time savings–resale homes can’t do the same.

Interior Air Quality

With stricter, heightened air quality standards setting the pace for Green Key Village, our new homeowners are reaping the benefits–with no VOC paints and glues, high-performance air filtration, and energy recovery ventilation systems, our buyers can enjoy better interior air quality.

Less Home Maintenance

Green Key Village homes come complete with cutting-edge, high performance features allowing for less upkeep at the hand of the homeowner. After all, when all home features are new and in working order, nothing needs to be repaired. Green Key Village uses quality products to construct your home that will provide owners years of ongoing beauty and durability.

Increased Safety

While some resale homes offer a handful of up-to-date features, they simply cannot offer everything that a brand new home can. For instance, many Green Key Village exterior doors come complete with a 3-point locking system to keep your home secure. With state-of-the-art technology like new circuit breakers, electric garage doors, home fire systems and updated home security systems, owners of new homes worry less about the safety and security of their home, whether or not they are away from the house.

Emotional Connection

While this may seem like an added bonus, the “new home feel” is a luxury that can’t be measured. Being the first to step foot into a brand new home that you personalized yourself is a sense of pride that no one else can claim. The emotional connection of owning and maintaining a home that is all yours is a special feeling–and one that homebuyers should not brush to the side.

At the end of the day, buying a brand new home does much more than address tactical and practical home needs–it focuses on home safety, offers numerous opportunities to save money, and provides a personalized touch that resale homes can rarely offer.

That personalized touch, in fact, is exactly the intangible benefit that Green Key homes provide. At Green Key Village, you can explore a variety of new home designs built on large, spacious home sites with plenty of room to roam.

Check out some of the home plans Green Key Village has to offer!