Our Green Key Story

Green Key Village story

There’s a distinct charm found throughout Green Key Village — it’s a beauty that’s hard to describe, but our homeowners have said is so easy to feel, and just makes them feel simply happy! Tucked safely away into idyllic Lady Lake, on grounds that our founders, Kim and Greg, fell in love with, our solar powered, in-tune-with-the-earth homes let you live exactly how you’ve always wanted, no matter what that means for you. 

Relaxed, peaceful, and entirely private, Green Key Village is all about enjoying your independence as you live simply, on your terms. We let you call the shots — because that’s exactly how your days should be spent. Here, within this spacious, gated community in the tranquil countryside, you’re not a number; you’re an exclusive piece of what makes us different.

Four years ago, our dedicated and thoughtful leaders, Kim and Greg, decided that this landscape was the perfect place to change people’s lives. Lovers of nature and passionate about preservation, Kim and Greg had a vision for a new community: Green Key Village. They knew that the homes would not only be colorful and cozy, but completely solar powered. Most of all, the neighborhood and homes would embrace the tropical, vintage Florida ambiance that has long defined easy living. 

When you live in Green Key Village, easy living comes organically to you! Our neighbors here sit on each others’ front porches, bbq in each others’ backyards, and walk with each other along the sidewalks. Long lasting relationships have formed between neighbors, creating a stronger sense of community and an even easier way of life, knowing your best friend is just a couple of houses away! 

“A Realtor friend took us to see this beautiful piece of property that was for sale,” Kim says. “We fell in love with the rolling hills and large oak trees. It looked like the perfect place to build a small, boutique, solar- powered community.” Because Kim and Greg were already installing solar on existing homes, it naturally made sense for them to continue this environmentally-friendly practice in Green Key Village.

By using better materials to build green, the homes in Green Key Village provide every family with a safer, healthier, more maintenance-free home — which cultivates the exact kind of lifestyle that Kim and Greg envisioned for their homeowners. 

Of course, there was no better place to promote total individual freedom than where Green Key Village is now. “It never occurred to us to build anywhere else,” Kim says. “This is our home. It’s where we do life!” When it comes to what they love most about their jobs, both Kim and Greg say their employees (“They work very hard and we’re so grateful to have them!”) and their homeowners (“They’re a blessing!”)

When they’re not working with new homeowners and the Green Key Village team, Kim and Greg enjoy leisure time to the fullest — Kim loves to sit on the beach with a good book, while Greg’s favorite pastime is saltwater fishing off the Florida coast. If they weren’t the owners of Green Key Village, they’d travel and volunteer for nonprofit organizations in need of the crucial construction skills they’ve both learned over the years.

From the very start, Kim and Greg have made way for a new way of living — a way that’s determined by you. Moving to Green Key Village means a move for you, a chance to choose your life. It’s a move to a charming and personal community that is focused on your health and your happiness! Kim, Greg and your new neighbors can’t wait to meet YOU!