Rest Assured, Green Key Residents — Pests Invasions Won’t Be an Issue

If you’ve ever undergone a termite infestation in your home, you know how annoying and inconvenient the removal process can be.

At Green Key Village, we prevent termites from spreading your home in the first place through our simple protection treatment: Bora-Care.

As the industry standard product, Bora-Care is recognized as the best method for protecting your home from termites, carpenter ants, wood rot, and other pests.

Why Bora-Care?

• Bora-Care is mixed and manufactured with an eco-friendly active ingredient (borate mineral salt) and a conscious concern for the environment.

• Bora-Care is always applied by trained professionals.

• When it comes to new construction, Bora-Care is used to prevent termites, or wood-destroying insects.

• Bora-Care functions as remedial control of fungi from wood decay.

• Bora-Care diffuses into wood and remains there for the life of the wood — with no need to reapply.

• Bora-Care takes away the need to pump gallons upon gallons of pesticides around and under your home. It’s safer for you, your kids, and your home.

When do we apply Bora-Care?

As a preventative, pre-treat your new Green Key Village home with Bora-Care during construction.

Rather than using old-school termiticides that are pumped into the ground around your home to poison termites, Bora-Care eliminates wood as a meal for termites altogether. Once wood has been Bora-Care treated, termites no longer have your home as a food source.

A Closer Look

How Does Bora-Care Work?

As the active ingredient in Bora-Care, borate salts work by disabling the termite’s ability to extract nutrition from its food — and it eventually starves to death, preventing the termites from developing a defense to the product.

Overall, Bora-Care works a bit differently than traditional pesticides. A few examples:

• Bora-Care is applied directly to the wood/product, not the soil.

• Bora-Care isn’t just a repellent or a bait, but a little of both. This makes Bora-Care’s mix hard to beat.

Because Bora-Care is treated directly to the wood and eliminates termite issues on the spot, it’s the best industry solution for termite prevention — and existing termite damage to any other home.

Learn more about the active steps we’re taking for maintenance and prevention — and explore our brand new, eco-friendly and environmentally conscious homes below!