The key to living green… Spray foam insulation!


At Green Key Village, we build homes that are so energy efficient, our homeowners’ energy bills can be $0 for the month. For a community located in Florida, that’s impressive. (Who are we kidding… that’s impressive no matter where you live!) One of the keys to our super efficient homes is spray foam insulation! This wonder material has changed the face of homebuilding in so many ways.

Healthier, cleaner air.

Spray foam insulation thoroughly seals holes and cracks, thus creating an airtight, cleaner environment. Clean, filtered air means less dust and easier cleaning. 

Peace & quiet.

Spray foam insulation in the roof deck and exterior walls act as a sound-dampener, resulting in a home that is less susceptible to outside noise.

Saving money.

Air leaks are one of the biggest causes of high energy bills. Spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal that is 24 times less permeable to air infiltration than other types of insulation.

Open-cell Spray foam.

Open-cell spray foam insulation will not absorb water but will allow it to pass through, so if a flooding event should occur, it will not be damaged like other materials and will allow you to see problems and make repairs before critical harm is done to your trusses or walls.

Fiberglass vs spray foam.

Fiberglass insulation settles and compresses over time, reducing its ability to block air flow in and out of your home. Spray foam insulation does not settle, but holds its shape indefinitely, retaining its insulating properties.

When combined with our advanced ventilation system and durable construction, spray foam insulation results in an airtight, low-maintenance home that is healthier, smarter and extremely energy efficient.

To learn more about our Green Key Village solar-powered homes, visit https://greenkeyvillage.com/green-living/net-zero-living/.