Timely and Lasting Features in Your Green Key Village Home


At Green Key Village, we believe that life should be as breezy as a summer beach day — all year-round. That’s why we build our tropical-inspired, net-zero homes with timely and lasting features that encourage you to enjoy the beauty of everyday life without any barriers. 

As you settle into your new home, you can rest assured that it always has your back, just like a good friend. With a mix of functional, universal design that provides lifelong comfort and luxury features that make every day magnificent, you finally get to live your best life. Take a look at what we have in store for you:

Open, Easy Design

Wide Design: Forget ever feeling stifled or stuck again. In one of our stylish, spacious homes, complete with a gorgeous open-concept living area, there’s nothing standing in your way… Bonus: Wide design makes moving easy. Your king-size bed frame and furniture will fit everywhere without a problem.

3-Car Garage: If you’re like us, you believe that your garage is basically just a home for your cars (because they totally deserve one). Many of our living spaces offer abundant 3-car garages that provide you with all the space you’ve ever wanted and more. Need extra room for storage too? We’ve got you covered. 

Functional Kitchens

Cabinets: One of the greatest parts about a Green Key Village home? Our gorgeous, modern kitchens that make morning coffee dates, evening happy hours, and midnight snacks even sweeter than ever. Best of all, our contemporary, sturdy cabinets are built to last, so you never have to worry about replacing them in the future.

Island: Kitchens today are all about a charming, sleek aesthetic that’s also just as cozy and welcoming. With a large island, you have the versatile space you need for all occasions. Whether you’re hosting family for Thanksgiving or having friends over for a get-together, your island is the exact place you want to get “stuck.”

Convenient New Home Features

Natural Lighting: Florida is all about bright, comforting sunlight — so of course, we had to incorporate this happy vibe into our homes. Large, regal windows ensure that your home is always bathed in a charming glow, from sunup to sundown. After all, what could be better than the beauty of the outdoors right in your home?

Single-Level Living: With everything located on one floor, from your laundry room and master suite to your open-concept living space, you truly have the world at your feet. Get from one room to the next with ease, and never deal with the hassle of lugging anything up or down the stairs again. 

Luxury Forever

Lanai: What would a beautiful new home in Florida be without a luxurious lanai to match? Just out back, you have a 24/7 portal to paradise… Go ahead and spend your mornings on a lounge chair and your afternoons with your feet in the pool. This wide-open space brings endless sunshine into your daily life. 

Master Suite: As the most important and personal room in your home, your master suite is one place you especially don’t want to have to change over time. Our team makes sure to create this relaxing, comforting room just right, so it always suits your needs no matter where you are in life. For more information about our beautiful new homes in Lady Lake, please call 352-314-0126.