Tips to Keep Cool in Florida

Backyard BBQs, frozen margaritas, and cool nights under the stars — there’s nothing as sweet as summertime in Lady Lake, Florida! From your peaceful, private lanai to our luxurious wade-in entry pool, there’s prime relaxation for you in the near future… which is exactly how your summertime should be. 

If you’re from Florida or have lived here before, you know that days can get hot. But for all of the newcomers, we want to give you a proper “101 introduction”. At Green Key Village, not a moment of sunshine is wasted, even when you’re indoors… Take a look at our hottest tips for staying cool this summer:

Net-Zero Living

Sometimes the easiest way to beat the heat is to stay inside in the air conditioning. From our fresh air systems to our solar design, keeping cool while also letting the sunshine in has never been healthier, happier, or more affordable! 

Cool Down Quickly:

The pulse points on your inner wrists and by the carotid arteries in your neck have a talent for keeping your blood temperature down. Just place an ice pack or cold towel on these special spots and feel the coolness spread throughout your body. P.S. you have pulse points on the top of your feet too!

Swim For Fitness

If you love being outdoors and staying fit (and doing both at the same time!) then you’ve probably had to miss a workout or two because of excessive heat. At Green Key Village, we don’t take no for an answer — our gorgeous pool is all yours to get the fitness you need while staying as cool as a cucumber. 

Hit the Lights

Did you know that light bulbs in your home contribute to heat? Fortunately, your Green Key Village home is designed to take advantage of the beautiful glow of natural light, so you can go ahead and turn those lamps off. We use all Energy Star ceiling fans and LED lighting to keep your home both cool and energy efficient! After dark, turn your open-concept living area into a fancy restaurant illuminated by candlelight!

Eat Watermelon

No summertime get-together (or solo hangout on your lanai) is complete without the juicy goodness of watermelon. If you typically overlook this magical treasure, think again: watermelon has more water and fiber than most fruits, which means it can store water in your body and keep you hydrated longer. 

Tea Time

You’re well aware of the calming effects that tea has, especially when you’re cozying up in bed with a good book, but did you know that peppermint tea keeps your body feeling cool? The “tingly” sensation you get comes from menthol, which makes peppermint tea the perfect drink to sip when you’re hanging outside.

Sure, Florida may heat up from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise a moment of your sunny summer day. With a few easy home and health hacks, you can keep yourself feeling like the cool person you are… From all of us at Green Key Village, happy summertime!