Unexpected Color Palettes That Pop

Color Palette Ideas

In any room, nothing catches the eye quite like a unique color palette. From a throw rug to the walls to accent pieces in between, a specific set of colors infuses life and personality into any space. The best part? This exciting artistic decision is entirely up to you! 

Get ready to unleash your inner designer and let your style run free — we’re diving into unexpected color palettes that pop and make a statement in your Green Key Village home! Take a look at a few bold, distinctive color choices to inspire your own home design.

Design Ideas for Your New Home

Dark Teal, Mauve, and Brushed Brass: This distinct palette in your master bedroom or living room adds something undeniably elegant that feels luxurious… like a designer dress or velvet blazer and tie.

Cutting-Edge Pastels: It’s no surprise that this cutting-edge color palette is back in style. Vibrant and bright, these colors add a twist to your home and are so much fun to work with!

Lavender, Melon, and Cornflower Blue: If soft whites, beige, and black are “traditional” elegance, then lavender, melon, and cornflower blue are “modern” elegance. The best part about this palette is that you can use wood, glass, or leather to add the pop of melon color and play with different shades of lavender and blue, layering them upon one another.

Burgundy, Plum, and Red: This combo of deep “rustic chic” colors adds a pop to any neutral room. When blending these colors, be sure to keep fabrics and wall color in solids to not overwhelm and your decor and accents.

Navy, Chartreuse, and Black: It’s so easy to love classic navy blue, but when you pair it with chartreuse, you have a whole new level of crisp, timeless style. Use bold geometric patterns with a touch of white and black for a super chic look.

Forest Green, Black/Brown, and White: Sit back, relax, and transport yourself to a lovely English country home (tea, anyone?) with this rich, traditional combo that’s perfect for your dining room! You can’t help but feel the coziness around you.

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