Your Easy, Breezy Path to Ownership

Path to Ownership

At Green Key Village, home is the most safe and comforting place in the world. It’s where your life is easiest. And we believe that the steps to finding, building, and moving into this special place should be just as uncomplicated. That’s why we’ve designed our process to be clear cut, concise, and easy to follow — because your journey home should be just as enjoyable as everything that comes next!

From the moment you choose your perfect home to the moment you first open the front door, you can be sure that your Green Key Village team will be by your side the entire way, making sure you’re confident, informed, and excited about everything that’s going on. With our easy, efficient path to ownership, you’ll always remember this time as one of the most exciting and happy experiences of your life! 

Your path to homeownership with Green Key Village: 

1. Choose your home and homesite 2. Purchase agreement ($5,000 deposit) 3. Apply for mortgage loan approval 4. Complimentary design consultation 5. Plan review 6. Luxury features finalized 7. Receive mortgage loan approval 8. Notice to proceed (10% deposit) 9. Permitting 10. Construction begins 11. Scheduled progress tours 12. New home orientation 13. Home delivery closing 14. 60-day warranty check up 15. 11-month warranty check up

It’s as easy as that! When you trust Green Key Village with your new home — your base, your sanctuary, and your greatest source of comfort — you can rest assured that you have an expert team that cares about your experience just as much as you do. We can’t wait for you to enjoy your days in a tropical-inspired, net-zero home in Lady Lake! For more information about our living spaces, please contact us at 352-314-0126.