Featured Homeowners: Meet Barbara and Emiliano!

Featured Homeowners

Our innovative, net-zero homes, first-rate amenities, and scenic locale make Green Key Village a remarkable place to call home — but it’s the people who live here that are the heart and soul of our community. Every day, our team is beyond thankful for each homeowner who trusted us to build their place in the world.

This week, we’re especially excited to introduce you to Barbara and Emiliano, a couple who’s loving their new, laid-back lifestyle here at Green Key Village! Take a look at their story of how they got here, how they built their home, and what they love about their life in Lady Lake.

What’s your Green Key Village story? Tell us about what brought you here, what made you fall in love, and anything special about your experience. 

We lived in the Orlando area and looked all around there for new developments and other options, but couldn’t find anything around Orlando. So we went on the internet and looked up well-built, energy-efficient homes and Green Key popped up — we especially wanted an energy efficient home, so what we saw really sparked our interest.

We didn’t initially want to live in Lake County but we decided to give it a try — and we ended up LOVING it. We also didn’t want a retirement community or an active family community, so this was truly a perfect fit. Of course, we love the amenities, but most of all, the people. Everyone wants to get along with each other, and we can relate to a lot of the homeowners (which we weren’t necessarily expecting). Everyone wants to make it a great community and place to live! 

Why did you decide to build a new home in Lady Lake versus buying a used home?

Building a new home was on our bucket list, and the price was great. There were certain things we wanted to change with our floorplan, and Green Key was able to make it all happen. We spent 35 years at our last house and we were ready for a change.

How was your experience throughout the construction process (with the sales team, construction team, etc.)? 

Kim was great about everything — she helped guide us through the process and was always available. She also helped us decide on Lake County when we were a little hesitant. 

Gwen was helpful and efficient during the finishing process, which we know can be stressful. She coached us through ideas and came up with alternative design options when we weren’t sure. We changed a few things after signing which was not a problem at all.

Greg was helpful when we wanted to make a structural change and find alternatives for lighting. He explained the pros and cons, what he could and couldn’t do to accommodate what we wanted, and was honest about whether an idea was good or not. Even after we moved in, if we needed something, the team helped us out with it immediately. They are a million times more responsive than big builders.

Which floor plan do you live in? What do you love most and what would you change if you could? 

We live in a Cottage home with the Islamorada floorplan. We took the closet out of the dining area so we could use that space for an important piece of furniture. We then built a closet with the small space left over. If we had to do it over, we would do an upgraded kitchen to  include a built-in microwave and wall oven, and take out the bathtub to put in a second shower in the second bathroom (for Barbara’s dad). The best part about this plan is the wide open space — we wanted to make sure we could grow comfortably in our home.

What amenities and clubs do you enjoy in your new home community? How is your daily lifestyle different after living here? What is it like meeting new friends here? 

On Friday nights, we love getting together (socially distanced of course) with about 10 to 12 people. We also love playing pickleball, doing water aerobics, and visiting the community garden.

Would you recommend Green Key Village to friends and family? What would you tell them? 

Yes! We’ve talked to some friends about the selection of floorplans, well-built homes, and friendly people. The crew is great and helpful and friendly; we can stop them and say hi, or stop them for an issue, and they’ll always help out. 

We want to thank Barbara and Emiliano for choosing Green Key Village! We’re so happy to know that they’re enjoying their time here. For more information about our net-zero homes in Lady Lake, contact us at 352-314-0126.