Get to Know Our Lady Lake, FL Home Builder

Green Key Village is known for its beautiful, sustainable homes. But who’s responsible for building them? Meet Greg and Kim Thomas of Mainsail Solutions, Inc., a local couple dedicated to providing quality construction in Lady Lake, FL and the surrounding area.

The Story of Mainsail Solutions

Greg Thomas got started in the contracting business at an early age, learning by his father’s side. A licensed contractor since 1982, Greg brings over 30 years of experience in everything from constructing residential, commercial and remodeling projects to the custom building of sustainable and energy-efficient homes in Green Key Village. Committed to delivering the highest quality construction, Greg is involved in every step of the building process and knows every home he’s built, both inside and out.

A Vision for the Future

Since founding Mainsail Solutions in 1999, Greg and Kim Thomas have steadily built lasting relationships with local customers, suppliers and contractors. From this foundation of support, the couple has sought to make their dream a reality: establishing a net zero energy community in the heart of Lady Lake, FL.

Green Key Village is that community. Designed for the future, these solar-powered homes are constructed using sustainable, green building materials from the ground up. And in collaboration with award-winning engineer, Dr. John Swanson, Mainsail Solutions is able to offer these energy-efficient homes at an affordable price.

Join Our Sustainable Community

Contact us today at (352) 314-0126 if you’re interested in purchasing your own net zero energy home in Green Key Village or would like to learn more about Mainsail Solutions and their green building initiatives.



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