Green Key Spotlight: Oscar Esparza, New Home Sales Consultant

Oscar Esparza

At Green Key Village, we take as much pride in our team as we do in our homes and community. It’s our hardworking, capable team that helps make the Green Key difference.


That’s why we’re spotlighting one of our hardest working team members and an integral part of our New Home Sales team, Oscar Esparza.


Meet Oscar


Oscar is Green Key’s go-to New Home Sales Consultant — but don’t be fooled by the simple title. Throughout each day, Oscar wears multiple hats and assumes responsibilities across the board.


From showcasing model homes to educating potential buyers about the benefits of Green Key’s eco-friendly homes to helping buyers navigate their numerous options, Oscar is the master of matching home seekers with their dream home — all while providing a smooth buying and move-in experience.


If you explore Green Key Village, you’ll probably run into Oscar! As the sole realtor for the community, he’s busy working throughout most of the week. If you have questions about home buying or personalization, Oscar is your guy!


Life on the Green Key Team


Oscar recently took some time to offer Green Key insight as well as his personal experience on the Green Key team.


Q: What do you appreciate most about being a part of the Green Key Village team?


Oscar: Because I take a great deal of pride in my work, I can satisfy that pride by working for Green Key — we have built amazing homes, the quality is fantastic, and the people care.


Because I take my work seriously, I enjoy working with home builders who do the same. They are proud of what they build and stand behind their word and their work. The customer always comes first.


Naturally, knowing the ins and outs of Green Key home options and the needs and wants of the home seeker, Oscar has many insights into the home buyer experience.


Q: What makes purchasing a home from Green Key different than buying from another builder?


O: The surety that the homes are built above and beyond standards and that residents can be comfortable that the builders are there to help them after they move in.


Keep in mind, the builders at Green Key are second-generation builders who care for the long term.


In Florida, this is especially valuable, since it was fly-by-night homebuilders in the state who were partially responsible for the real estate crash in 2008. There are many cheap, unreliable homes that popped up all over the state, and builders disappeared well before homeowners could discover the issues.


At Green Key, buyers don’t have to worry about this.


Q: What is the single greatest advantage of choosing a Green Key Village home?


O: Peace of mind. Peace of mind about the quality of the home, the stability of the home and its builders, as well as the peace of mind, serenity, and relaxation created by the layout and amenities of the community.


The community gives you room to breathe; you are close to everything, but you feel like you are in a quiet community.


If you have been looking for your true dream home away from it all, then you should plan to visit Oscar at Green Key Village. He is here to walk you through the incredible number of customization options available to make any home truly yours.


Not a great decision-maker? Ask Oscar about the Cottages at Green Key Village. These cottages are upgraded from the start with everything included and offer the best of the best of Green Key design options.


Don’t put off living in your dream home any longer. Schedule your visit with Oscar today!