Green Key Village Welcomes Gardening

Green Key Village Welcomes Gardening

Around this time of year, a break from the heat seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Central Florida residents.

Central Florida dwellers, however, enjoy perks exclusive to the Sunshine State. Even as summer comes to a close, for example, poolside weekends, barbeque dinners and family fun doesn’t end.

Instead, as the fall season makes its way to Florida, cool weather brings along cool activities for residents of Green Key Village–particularly gardening, a staple of the Florida fall.

Gardening can be therapeutic, save you up to $300 a year in groceries and serve as an eco-friendly alternative to non-locally-grown foods. It is fun, sustainable and creates a natural green space.

If you’re looking to garden, here are a few helpful tips and suggestions.

Refresh Your Garden

While fall weather is already in full swing for much of the country, Florida’s fall takes a bit longer to approach and a bit longer to leave. But this isn’t a bad thing!

Why? Because summer (the best growing season for most plants) lasts longer, therefore giving Floridians a longer prime time gardening season.

The impending fall season, though, is a perfect opportunity to remove old seeds, plant new ones, and prepare for a possible winter frost (which will actually help sweeten the veggies!).

Seasonal Vegetables Galore

Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, squash, cucumbers, and celery flourish in cooler weather. While Florida’s tropical climate keeps soil fertile year round, these vegetables thrive in the fall.

Herbs like rosemary, chives, and oregano are also great plants for when the temps begin to drop.

The More Mulch, The Merrier

While Central Florida isn’t exactly known for its threat of blizzards and frostbite, cooler temps can cause veggies to frost, which can cause them to be inedible. To protect your vegetables against a possible frost, apply a generous amount of mulch throughout your garden.

While keeping the roots of the plants moist, mulch will help to guard against natural freezing.

Residents at Green Key Village especially enjoy gardening in the cooler weather. With a garden club, supplies, and a quarter acre of land designated for community gardening, it’s no wonder why it’s a fun hobby for Green Key community members. For members that prefer keeping a private garden, Green Key offers individual garden boxes.

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