A New Home For The Holidays

If you are planning to move soon, you may be waiting until after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


While some people might share the sentiment that spring and summer are ideal seasons for moving, it’s actually quite the opposite–many real estate experts agree that the beginning of winter (around the holidays) is the optimal time to move to a new home.


This is especially true when that new home is seated in sunny Central Florida. At Green Key Village, all the details of a new home are already taken care of–all you need to worry about is what to do with all the space inside the home!


Ready for relaxation and holiday bliss? Here are a few reasons you should plan to head to a new Green Key home for the holidays.


Holiday Buying Power


When it comes to buying and moving in the holiday months, there are too many awesome advantages to ignore:


• Faster process: the holiday season has a way of filling up schedules and making everyone feel busier than usual. This can act as motivation and accelerate the homebuying process so it moves along as quickly as possible.


• Less buyer competition: since most folks typically buy during spring and summer, fewer buyers will be competing for your dream home.


• Lower prices: the holidays also have a way of slowing down real estate business, which consequently lowers prices to entice customers to buy–this includes moving services too!


• Better moving weather: this is especially true for a move to Florida! The temperatures are cooler, meaning lifting all of those boxes and unpacking won’t need to happen in heat and humidity.


The Green Key Advantage


A holiday move is one thing, but moving to an eco-friendly community with an island-inspired lifestyle is another. Check out a few reasons why Green Key Village is the place to be:


• Spacious & relaxing setting: imagine moving into a luxurious, spacious new home on a ½ acre lot where you can enjoy the holidays in Florida paradise. With room to breathe and no shortage of Florida sunshine, keeping stress levels low will not be a worry.


• More room for family and friends: in any of our numerous, spacious Green Key models, you will be able to have more room to share the holidays with friends and family. Enjoy the high ceilings with a tall Christmas tree, gather on the porch with family to relax and share old holiday memories, and take pride in showing off your new home as you host for the holidays.


Move-in-ready homes & moving assistance: best of all, this holiday season you can enjoy a truly stress-free move with one of our move-in ready models. At Green Key, we take care of the pre-move details for you so you can enjoy a quick and smooth move-in!


And with our Holiday Home Savings Bonanza there is truly no better time than now to make the move to Green Key Village. Give yourself the present of a new home this holiday season! Click here for details.