New Year For Your New Home: Home Resolutions for 2018

green key home from the outside

It’s the new year! For many of us, that means new goals and aspirations.

If your home is looking disorganized and drab, however, it can be hard to reach our goals.

For many people, a messy home can derail their motivation to change old habits and establish new ones. A sense of “what’s the point” can sneak in if you feel like you have to fight your house just to have space to work out, fix a healthy meal, or start another routine.

So, this year, don’t just make resolutions for you — make them for your home as well!

Here are some pretty simple (and affordable) ways to give your living space a facelift this year (that might help with your own resolutions in the process!


An easy and completely free first step to creating a “new house” is getting rid of clutter. To quicken the process, consider assigning friends and family to each take care of a room or two. Then, do the following:

Dump: Hunt through the house to find all the old, unused, non-functioning items, including clothes. If it doesn’t work, has holes, stains, or no practical use, toss it! You will be surprised by how freeing it feels to dump some of the old items that have been hiding in closets and garages.

Donate: For the still functioning items that are in good shape, if you haven’t used or taken them out in the last 6 months, and likely won’t need them in the next 6 months, and they don’t hold some specific function for you or your family, then donate them.

This includes your wardrobe! Look through all of your clothes and find those items that haven’t seen the light of day in months and ask, honestly, whether you plan to wear them any time soon. If you haven’t noticed them all this time, you won’t notice when they are gone. Give them away to people who need them.

Designate: Create a box or designated place for the whole year where family members can put items for donation as they come across them or lose interest in them. If you provide a designated place throughout the year, it will encourage everyone to declutter throughout the year, instead of it getting backed up.


Another easy step that can be free or very cheap is to simplify and organize in your home in such a way that will encourage everyone to keep the place tidy. Keep the old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place” in mind:

Store: A lot of clutter originates from not having designated locations or storage for it. Keep your home organized and simplified by having designated locations for everything.

Provide a sleek, decorative tray or basket for remote controls, use decorative cloth bins or drawers to organize children’s toys, utilize little baskets in your kitchen pantries to keep spices, oils, baking goods, etc. separate and organized.

You will be amazed by how simply providing a proper place for everything helps everyone keep things neater.

Sort: Laundry – the plague of many. Avoid the hassle of dumping all of the clothes on the floor to separate them by providing separate baskets or hampers for each type of clothing item (lights, darks, delicates).

Require everyone to drop their dirty laundry in the proper basket as it gets dirty throughout the week. This will save time on having to sort through it all. It will also help keep clothes from spilling out onto the floor and overflowing a single basket.


Nothing like a little change to help you get out of a rut! So, find some little things you can actually change or add to your home to inspire you to keep reaching for your own personal change.

Arrange: How long has your living room, dining area, or bedroom been organized like that? Try a new location for the couch and end tables, or a different spot for the bookshelves.

You will be amazed at how simply moving the furniture around can make the room feel brand new.

Add: You can add some new spice to your home without breaking the bank.

Is there a hidden color theme hiding in some of the décor of your living room? Put one of those pieces front and center, or buy a simple area rug or center piece in that color to draw it out and make it pop.

Add a new potted plant as an accent (and for cleaner air)! Change up or add a new centerpiece to your dining room table. If you have old antiques in your home, see if something from that collection might serve as a unique accent to display.

There are all kinds of ways you can give your home a new, fresh look, inspiring you to chase after your own new goals as well.

Looking for a True “New”?

Ready for a completely fresh start with a new home this year?

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