How Does a Solar Electric Home Work?


Many people get confused as to how solar powered homes really work. Some common questions may be “Are there batteries?” or “What if it has rained for a week?” Although batteries could be used in a Green Key Village home, it is currently an expensive alternative that we do not use unless requested by the homeowner. All homes are connected to the power grid of Duke Energy Power Company providing homeowners with reliable, continuous energy to power their home in the event of inclement weather. Thankfully, in Florida, we have plenty of sunny days to produce energy to power our homes.


At Green Key Village, our solar electric system is composed of two major components, the photovoltaic (PV) panels and an inverter. The photovoltaic panels generate the electricity, while the inverter converts the direct current energy, DC, into alternating energy, AC. The PV system connects to the local utility grid, which serves as the energy storage and power backup (just in case).

While the sun is shining, the PV panels typically generate more electricity than is being used. That extra electricity is fed back through the meter into the utility grid, banking a credit for you. At night, as you use electricity from the utility grid, you utilize the credit accrued during the day.

Florida Net-Zero Homes

Using simple energy-saving tips, your utility costs could be as low as $0 in annual energy bills, which is why our homes are net-zero homes. There are some ways that your annual energy bills could be more than $0 however, including abnormal weather, improper thermostat use, or heavy electrical usage. And of course, utility taxes, fees, and surcharges may still apply to an energy bill.

Maintaining Solar Panels

Maintaining your solar PV panels is simple! With no moving parts, they are virtually maintenance free, although we do recommend cleaning your PV panels’ surface once a year with water.

Buying a Green Home in Central Florida

If you’re drawn to the lush, green abundance of Central Florida, the renewable energy home plans you’ve been searching for are now available at Green Key Village. We take pride in building environmentally friendly homes in Lady Lake, FL that have all of the amenities you might want in a luxury community, including a pool, gated entry, residents of all ages, palm trees scattered throughout our properties, a community garden and an overall welcoming, family friendly atmosphere.

To schedule a tour of one of our green homes, or to learn more about our alternative energy practices, contact us today at 352.314.0126.