Top 3 Benefits of a Green Home in Lady Lake, FL


Going green may seem like the newest trend in home building and living, but what are the actual benefits to having a green home? Living in a green home includes many benefits not only for the environment, but also to your health and wallet. In this article we’ll go over some of the main benefits to living in a green home in Lady Lake, FL.


Environmental Impacts of a Green Home

One of the main reasons you may consider moving into a green home is for the environment. Living green helps to preserve natural resources for future generations to come. Using renewable and clean energy sources lessens our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting sources. Choosing to live in an eco-friendly home is one of the many ways you can contribute to that preservation.

Health Impacts of a Green Home

At Green Key Village, we take the health and safety of you and your family seriously, which is why each of our new homes has been built to deliver only the highest quality indoor environment. We understand that building a naturally clean and healthy home requires the careful implementation of strategies involving proper design and placement of equipment and systems, healthy construction practices, the use of low-emitting materials and much more.

Economic Impacts of a Green Home

Investing in a green home from Green Key Village is a great choice for many reasons, such as your impact on the environment and your family’s health. But as mentioned before, it is also great for your wallet. Here are some of the reasons your green home could also save you money:

  • From day one you will be saving money with little to no monthly energy bills.
  • The solar package and built-in energy features may be rolled into your mortgage.
  • Homeowners receive a Federal tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of the installed solar array.
  • Our homes are affordable now and in the future as energy prices rise.
  • You have increased the value of your home at no additional monthly cost.
  • The same features that ensure net zero energy bills also make your home quieter and healthier for you and your family with lower maintenance needs.

Create a Sustainable Home for Your Family with Green Key Village

If you’re drawn to the lush, green abundance of Central Florida, the renewable energy home plans you’ve been searching for are now available at Green Key Village. We take pride in building environmentally friendly homes in Lady Lake, FL that have all of the amenities you might want in a luxury community, including a pool, gated entry, residents of all ages, palm trees scattered throughout our properties, a community garden and an overall welcoming, family friendly atmosphere.

Combine all of those features with our green designs, and you have a home that blends an acknowledgement of the environment with an affordable but posh setting. Green Key Village adds the following alternative energy accouterments to our properties in Lady Lake:

  • Improved HVAC efficiency through open-cell spray foam insulation to seal walls and roof deck
  • Elimination of rotting or pest infestations through fiber cement siding and borate treated walls
  • High-efficiency windows and doors to keep hot or cold air outside
  • Customized solar panels (photovoltaics) that are unique to each home and tailored to your family’s energy needs

To schedule a tour of one of our extensive green homes, or to learn more about our alternative energy practices, contact us today at 352.314.0126.



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