Why You Should Move to Lady Lake

Lady Lake

Surrounded by hundreds of lakes and sprawling, scenic land, Lady Lake is a peaceful, private oasis that’s so easy to call home. Located about an hour away from larger cities like Orlando, this friendly, rural town provides all of the laid-back charm you love about the Sunshine State — without the massive crowds, traffic, and noise you’ll find everywhere else.

There are so many reasons we decided to build our beautiful, net-zero homes in Lady Lake. From charming, local attractions to the incredibly relaxing way of life, we believe this wonderfully unique town is the perfect place to plant your roots. The magic of Lady Lake may be hard to describe, but it’s so easy to feel once you’re here… in the meantime, take a look at a few of the reasons Lady Lake is the absolute best place to move to!

Best Reasons to Live in Lady Lake

Peace and quiet. While many parts of Florida are known for bustling nightlife and hoards of tourists, Lady Lake provides a respite from this “typical” lifestyle. From charming streets to the beauty of the surrounding lakes, everywhere you go feels like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy blue skies and sunshine, local shops and restaurants where people know your name, and the ability to take a stroll downtown with nothing but peace and quiet.

People love living here. One of the best things about Lady Lake is the sense of community wherever you go. From your favorite coffee shop to your favorite spot by Lake Weir, you’ll always know you belong when you’re walking around town. With many opportunities to relax and enjoy your leisure time, from Corkscrew Winery and Eaton’s Beach to Lake Griffin State Park and plenty of golf courses, Lady Lake has something for everyone. People truly love living here — and you can feel that love in the air, no matter where you are.

The beauty of the water. When you’re sitting by the waterfront, watching the sunshine glistening on the calm waves, you can’t help but feel at peace. Home to over 250 official lakes, you’re always surrounded by the serenity of the water. Whether you’re taking friends on a boat tour, teaching your grandkids how to fish, going for a morning jog along the shore, or simply relaxing, you always have a special spot to enjoy by the water.

Community living. When you choose to settle down at Green Key Village, you don’t just get a beautiful, modern home — you get a tight-knit community where your neighbors are more like family, amenities are just outside your door, and you finally have room to breathe. You’ll enjoy the fun of a custom-designed, wade-in entry pool, solar-covered pavilions, Veranda Park, a community bark park, tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts, as well as an organic community garden. Best of all, if you love to meet new people and try new things, you’ll enjoy the many opportunities here for social events and clubs! 

The kind of place where everyone waves hello to each other, whether they’re neighbors or strangers, this peaceful, friendly town is the oasis you’ve been looking for. If you’re ready for a spacious, energy-efficient home that’s built to today’s standards of quality, and your standards of comfort, all of us at Green Key Village can’t wait to meet you! For more information about living in Lady Lake, please contact us at 352-314-0126.